Dallas mold and mildew odor removal. DFW Steam Cleaning can get the mildew smell out of all of your fabrics, carpets, drapes, rugs, upholstery, and even your mattress.

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Dallas Mildew Odor

Are you a little embarrassed by how your house smells like mold when you have visitors?  Sometimes cleaning and deodorizing your molded carpet is just not enough.  To eliminate odors caused by mold, mildew, smoke or pets call DFW Steam Cleaning.  Fabric odor removal from your carpets, curtains, drapes and upholstery is one of our specialties.  DFW Steam Cleaning focuses on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.  We are the leader in the professional mildew stain and odor removal industry with state of the art deep cleaning technology.  Unlike other carpet cleaners in the DFW area, we use only non-toxic chemicals. Our technicians have the skills and equipment to meet all your carpet cleaning needs.

DFW Steam Cleaning has several methods to deal with mildew removal and have successfully remediate and passed clearance testing on hundreds of projects ranging from home owners to building owners to county and state owned properties.  In fact, for many years area residents have turned to us for solutions to stubborn mildew odor removal.  Not only can we neutralize the odor, we can help prevent future damage if it was left untreated.  Mold and mildew will grow where moisture is.  Mold growing inside a home or carpets can affect the occupants and poses a considerable health threat to you and your family.  Mold requires moisture to mature and can develop within 24 to 48 hours of a water incident.  High moisture levels can be the result of water coming in from outside, through the floor, walls or from plumbing leaks.  Moisture accumulates in the home where there is not enough ventilation to expel that moisture.  Stopping the flow of water and thoroughly drying the affected areas and carpets is the first crucial step to prevent further mold growth and odor.  The remaining water must be removed through evaporation and dehumidification.  Our technicians then begin the drying process to mitigate the damage and eliminate further odors.

DFW Steam Cleaning specializes in mildew odor and stain removal.  We pride ourselves on our high quality of service and expertise.  We ensure that our equipment and techniques are as advanced as possible, providing the best results for our customers.  We are the experts in mold and water damage removal and not only do we clean carpets but we do tile, flooring, walls, homes, buildings, offices, upholstery and more.  Call us anytime for our mildew odor removal services.