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Steam Cleaning Gets Rid of Odors

Carpet Odor Removal

In order to remove the smells that live in your carpeting you need to take direct and aggressive action. When your carpets smell is at a point that most people not regularly in your home can notice and identify the source of the odors in your carpet it is time to call a professional to remove the odors with professional carpet cleaning and odor removal.

How we remove odors & smells from your carpeting

To remove the odors from your carpet, we find it best to start with a clean slate. We will pre-spray your carpeting with a formula to emulsify the dirt, grease, and grime in your carpet and rugs so that they release from the fibers and carpet backing. We will then use our powerful professional steam cleaning equipment to steam lose the dirt and grime and extract everything, including the excess water.

After the carpet is clean we use a highly effective odor neutralizer sprayed on your carpet to remove any remaining smells the steam cleaning did not fully remove. In some instance, we may opt to go back over with another steam cleaning to reinforce the result before applying the odor neutralizer.