Get rid of your carpet odors with professional steam cleaning. Your dog, cat, and smoke odors that are retained by your carpet can be eliminated.

Do You Have Carpet Odors?

Dallas Carpet Odor

Your carpeting can retain smells from a variety of sources. A few common offenders would be pet odors, smoke odors, mold & mildew odors, spilled food and drink odors. Your carpet is the bottom of the gravity ladder and that means every thing higher than your carpet has the chance to land on it. Unfortunately your carpet is at the bottom of that ladder and gets everything drop, spilled, or smeared on to it.

What can you do about carpet odor?

Well you can begin with preventative practices so you don't get them in the first place. Here is a simple list of things to do on a routine maintenance schedule so you do not get carpet odors or so that they will be minimal.

  • Vacuum Daily
  • Keep Pets off the furniture and outside or on tiled areas as much as possible
  • Do not eat in common areas which are usually carpeted. Keep eating in the kitchen, dining room, breakfast nook, and on the patio.
  • Once per month use baking soda or off-the-self carpet odor neutralizer to kill odors.
  • Annually or even Biannually have your carpets professionally steam cleaned.


Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Professional Steam Cleaning your carpets is a wise choice for many reasons but here are a few. A professional steam cleaning company like DFW Steam Cleaning uses industrial truck mounted steam cleaning and vacuum equipment. This is important so that the temperature is high enough for the steam not to cool down too quickly and just soak your carpet with water. In addition the high temperature better emulsifies the dirt and grease so it is easily released from the carpet fibers. The important reason is that the high quality vacuum equipment associated with a truck mount system is strong enough to extract much more water than a weak rental unit or something purchase from a discount home store.

Professional Steam cleaning will emulsify and remove the dirt, grease, grime, food, pet urine, and other contaminants that are not desirable to have in your carpet. Your carpets will be left clean, dry, and smelling fantastic.

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